M. Ward at Union Transfer, Philadelphia

Last week, the beautiful Union Transfer in Philadelphia received M. Ward on a warm Saturday night (May 12, 2012). The concert confirmed me what I recently discovered… Ignoring M. Ward’s music for a while has been a big mistake.

His approach to music is simple, direct and based only on traditional ways, without the need of complex digital arrangements. His over emphasized analog sound appears pure, original and surprisingly fresh. His music, although based on classical rock, it expands to many genres, growing in all cases in a very organic way from his flawless guitar playing, superior to most artists these days.

The setlist included many songs from “A Wasteland Companion”, his recent and almost instructional release, but it was also decorated with music from previous records and fully embellished with covers from classical artists, including Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly.

“A Wasteland Companion” is currently being streamed at his website that can be accessed following this link.

I leave you with the setlist of that night in Philly, plus a video from his recent appearance on Letterman.



M.Ward – May 12, 2012- Union Transfer, Philadelphia

  1. Post-War
  2. For Beginners
  3. Poison Cup
  4. Chinese Translation
  5. Rollercoaster
  6. Watch the Show
  7. Fuel for Fire
  8. 100 Million Years/Duet for Guitars
  9. Clean Slate
  10. Helicopter
  11. Magic Trick
  12. Me and My Shadow
  13. Requiem
  14. Fisher of Men
  15. Rave on (Buddy Holly Cover)
  16. I Get Ideas
  17. Never Has Nobody Like You
  18. To Go Home (Daniel Johnston Cover)

  1. Such a Night (Elvis Presley Cover)
  2. Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry Cover
Encore 2:

  1. Primitive Girl

M. Ward on Letterman

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