Critics and experts pick the best albums of 2010

From metacritic.com
"Below is our updated running tally of the albums most frequently mentioned by individual music publications in their year-end Top Ten lists. Although most of the lists come from publications whose reviews are included on this site, we have also included a few extra lists from prominent music stores, websites, and publications not normally found on Metacritic. Note that if a source ranks more than the standard 10 albums, we will not include titles ranked 11th or worse. In case of a tie for first or second, each album will receive the full points for that position. Our points system works as follows:
  • 3 points for each 1st place ranking
  • 2 points for each 2nd place ranking
  • 1 point for being ranked 3rd – 10th, or for being included on an unranked list"

Album / Artist# 1st Place# 2nd Place# OtherPoints
1My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 92
by Kanye West
2The Suburbs 86
by Arcade Fire
3This Is Happening 84
by LCD Soundsystem
4The ArchAndroid 91
by Janelle Monáe
Teen Dream 82
by Beach House
6High Violet 84
by The National
7Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty 89
by Big Boi
8Contra 81
by Vampire Weekend
9Brothers 82
by The Black Keys
10Before Today 85
by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
11 Halcyon Digest 86
by Deerhunter
12The Monitor 82
by Titus Andronicus
13Have One on Me 85
by Joanna Newsom
14 Swim 83
by Caribou
15Thank Me Later 75
by Drake
16Teflon Don 79
by Rick Ross
17 Body Talk 85
by Robyn
18 Treats 84
by Sleigh Bells
19The Age of Adz 80
by Sufjan Stevens
20Hidden 82
by These New Puritans
21Sigh No More 68
by Mumford & Sons
22The Guitar Song
by Jamey Johnson
23Plastic Beach 77
by Gorillaz


Happy Birthday Musical Soulmate

Hoy exactamente hace dos años escribí el primer post de este blog, cuyo objetivo original permanece intacto, compartir entre los amigos entrañables nuestra enorme pasión por la música. En el camino hemos tenido la oportunidad de escuchar tantas cosas, de muchos conciertos, festivales, discos que se quedaran en nuestra memoria para siempre y que de alguna manera son parte de lo que hoy nos define como personas.

Gracias a todos por compartir este viaje, a los amigos que conforman el increíble crew de Musical Soulmate, a MM por su invaluable e incansable participación como co-escritor compartiendo su impecable gusto musical y a todos los lectores por visitarnos. Happy Birthday Musical Soulmate!!!

Les dejo un vid de otro cumpleañero en este día, el enorme y respetadísimo Eddie Vedder cantando Yellow Led Better, track histórico y parte del soundtrack personal de muchos de nosotros. Enjoy...


Arcade Fire and The National Takeover at the 6 Mix - BBC

A Christmas gift for everyone...

Hurry up, only a few days to listen to the show HERE...

Enjoy, have a great holiday and a productive 2011... full of music of course,


From the BBC Website:

Two of the bands destined to top the critics' lists of 2010's best albums - The Arcade Fire and The National - take over the 6 Mix. Arcade Fire multi instrumentalist Richard Reed-Parry and brothers Aaron & Bryce Dessner who play guitar and bass in The National have been long-term friends since meeting on the American alt-rock circuit, regularly appearing on the same festival bills worldwide. Both acts released new albums in 2010 - Arcade Fire with 'The Suburbs' and The National with 'High Violet', the latter winning Q Magazine's coveted 'Album of 2010' award last month. Their friendship was cemented when Richard from the Arcade Fire contributed to a number of songs on The National's latest LP, most notably playing double bass and guitar on 'Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks', and doing the vocal harmony arrangement on 'Conversation 16'. In this special 6 Mix, Richard, Aaron and Bryce team up to play a selection of music which has inspired and soundtracked their friendship along with some of their favourite new music from 2010.


Best MM-usic of 2010 (MM’s top 10 plus 20)

Is that time of the year when we sit down and try to come out with what we think not only describes our favorite music of the year, but tells a little bit about who we had become for the past 365 days.

To me, 2010 talks about coming back to that nice, comfortable place we discovered some time ago. We heard great new music from bands we have followed, and to a certain degree, we have adopted through the years as favorites. Certainly, my list reflects that. At the same time, 2010 brought some new faces, some that will undoubtedly grow into something big, others though, which might have achieved their heaven in their first release and will most likely not return, although I really hope I am completely mistaken on that one. In all cases, we should be grateful of being part of this whole thing. The year will end soon, but the music will remain with us. That is the point of all this.

Interesting to point out that only half of my top 10 albums come from American artists, which talks about the broader approach to music we are trying to follow in this blog.

As in previous years, along with my top 10 albums, from which I provide a one-sentence description, you’ll find a list of recommendations of music that “followed” me through the year. Although to be precise in my case, it would be more appropriate to say that it “commuted to work” with me or that it “ran” with me in the evenings along the Skuylkill river in Philadelphia.



Top Albums of 2010

1. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

For the past months, I have tried to justify High Violet from The National as the best album of the year. I became part of that group of previously devoted Arcade Fire fans that got frustrated by the evident delay of the release of a well-overdue album from the Canadian band. When pieces of this album were released, I devoted time to publicly neglect them. The Suburbs was a slap on my face that, if anything, made me remember that the waiting time for an album of this quality is irrelevant. The album is spotless, almost perfect and every song on this album will take you exactly where the band wants you to go. You only need to enjoy the ride.

2. High Violet – The National

The National remains undoubtedly my favorite band. One that has been around in my life for quite some time now, and one that knows what to say and when and how to say it. High Violet was all I expected and more. This album runs deep inside me as any of the music from this band.

3. Total Life Forever – Foals

This album is impressive and powerful. Each song systematically takes you to the next, showing immense maturity in a relatively young band. Many bands devote their entire career struggling and dreaming about releasing an album of the caliber of Total Life Forever. Foals did it in their second attempt.

4. Teen Dream – Beach House

Teen Dream changed completely the view I had of the Baltimore band from their previous two albums. To me, this is the most melodic release of the year, depicting wide ranges of the beautiful voice of Victoria Legrand, accompanied in a genius manner by Alex Scally. I’ve spent almost a year with this album, many times finding myself completely incapable of not of singing along.

5. Magic Chairs – Efterklang

The album from this Danish band followed me constantly since I first heard it. It is good and consistent from start to finish, depicting a unique cinematic character that could only be found in a few bands these days.

6. Beachcombers Windowsill – Stornoway

Stornoway will be up there, it is simply a matter of time. Their album is a jewel and their live performance takes it to another level. I can’t wait to see what’s next from this British band.

7. Weathervanes- Freelance Whales

This band captivated me from the time I heard them as an opening band to Fanfarlo about a year ago. Their album feels fresh, and full of defying and clean fun orchestral harmonics. It is one that I kept coming back to during the year.

8. This is Happening– LCD Soundsystem

For unknown reasons, I dived on this one too late, otherwise its position would have been much closer to the top. I am still digesting everything this album has to offer but it certainly feels like a genius end to the LCD Soundsystem era.

9. Swim – Caribou

Snaith is a personal favorite in that he shows that a Ph.D. (his on Mathematics) does not necessarily prevent you from being creative and coming up with great music. This album is a proof of that. It is great from beginning to end.

10. Broken Bells– Broken Bells

A pristine collaboration of two great musicians, an album that shows a wider range for James Mercer beyond what we enjoyed in The Shins, all within the unque, weird and conceptual perspective of Danger Mouse.

Other recommendations:

11. All Alone in an Empty House – Lost in the Trees
12. Sky at Night - I am Kloot
13. The Edge of Adz-Sufjan Stevens
14. Halcyon Digest–Deerhunter
15. Work – Shout Out Louds
16. Forgiveness Rock Record – Broken Social Scene
17. Romance is Boring - Los Campesinos
18. Congratulations – MGMT
19. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West
20. Compass– Jamie Lidell
21. Behave Yourself– Cold War Kids
22. The Orchard - Ra Ra Riot
23. Odd Blood – Yeasayer
24. Contra– Vampire Weekend
25. Transference - Spoon
26. Avi Buffalo – Avi Buffalo
27. Go – Jonsi
28. Penny Sparkle – Blonde Redhead
29. Treats – Sleigh Bells
30. Cosmogramma– Flying Lotus


Los 10 discos del 2010 (Amarillo)

Siempre es complicado elaborar una lista de solo 10 discos, y en un año increíble para la música como este 2010 la tarea se complica mucho más. Les dejo mi lista personal, y una serie de recomendaciones de discos que no pueden dejar escapar, enjoy....

10... "Maximum Balloon" de Maximum Balloon (Fiction)

Drowned in Sound: "Maximum Balloon really about a great producer/songwriter exhibiting his considerable talents free from the pressure and expectation of his day job."

9... "Swim" de Caribou (Merge)

Drowned in Sound: "His music really is art for the ears, with hues, colours, textures and aural brush strokes dripping with vibrancy and imagination."

8... "Teen Dream" de Beach House (Sub Pop)

Pitchfork: "This is both the most diverse and most listenable of their three full-lengths, and yet it never seems like a compromise. It feels like the product of careful, thoughtful growth, bringing in new influences--bits of mid-1970s Fleetwood Mac, sparkling indie pop, even a few soul and gospel touches--while maintaining the group's core sound."

Beach House - Teen Dream
Cargado por subpoprecords. - Ver más clips de música, videos en HD!

7... "Beachcomber's Windowsill" de Stornoway (4AD)

The Times: "There’s no reason Stornoway won’t go on to make even better albums, but they’ll struggle to make one that radiates such guileless charisma."

6... "Odd Blood" de Yeasayer (Secretly Canadian)

Absolute Punk (Staff Reviews): "The album has the feel of a stopping-off point of sorts for a band an evolutionary path, headed toward an even higher level of greatness."

5... "Brothers" de The Black Keys (Nonesuch)

Uncut: "Brothers is really all about The Black Keys; swaggering journey from sub-White Stripes curio to one of the best rock'n'roll bands on the planet."

4... "This is Happening" de LCD Soundsystem (DFA/Virgin)

Pitchfork: "Murphy once again shows off his encyclopedic knowledge of all things post-punk and zip-tight. But he's also swimming up some serious stuff himself, including Eno and David Bowie's sacrosanct Berlin trilogy. And against his own prediction, it's far from horrible; it's actually pretty perfect."

3... "Total Life Forever" de Foals (Sub Pop)

PopMatters: "If this is their The Bends, it remains to be seen whether they can eventually produce another evolutionary leap on the orders of OK Computer and Kid A, but for the first time that kind of greatness doesn't seem out of the question for Foals."

2... "High Violet" de The National (4AD)

Sputnikmusic: "The National should give faith to anyone who has become disillusioned with indie music, anyone who misses a time where it didn't seem like all the musicians thought they were better than you and you could actually relate to the damn words they were singing. High Violet is another batch of cement to further supplement The National's already unshakable concrete career."

1... "The Suburbs" de Arcade Fire (Merge)
BBC Music: " Even on a cursory listen, a water-testing foray into its 16 tracks, it's immediately apparent that this is an album unlike either that came before it."
Q Magazine: "They may well have delivered their masterpiece."
Now Magazine: "It's common for heavily hyped albums to fall flat, but Arcade Fire's long-anticipated third LP hits with the satisfied thud of met potential."
Delusions of Adequacy: "Whatever it is, The Suburbs is nothing short of extraordinary; it's Arcade Fire's moment of clarity where everyone can stop and take notice because in the most frank of terms, this is also nothing short of a masterpiece."
Prefix Magazine: "For all the over-arching themes, The Suburbs is the most rocking Arcade Fire album yet."

Otros discos para recordar: 
- "Big Echo" de The Morning Benders
- "Plastic Beach" de Gorillaz
- "Sky at Night" de I Am Kloot
- "Star of Love" de Crystal Fighters
- "Gemini" de Wild Nothing
- "The Garden" de Bran Van 3000
- "Avi Buffalo" de Avi Buffalo
- "The Fool" de Warpaint
- "All Alone In An Empty House" de Lost in the Trees
- "Lisbon" de The Walkmen
- "Hometowns" de The Rural Alberta Advantage
- "I Speak Because I Can" de Laura Marling
- "Halcyon Digest" de Deerhunter
- "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" de Kanye West
- "Further" de The Chemical Brothers
- "The Drums" de The Drums
- "Año Santo" de Triángulo de Amor Bizarro
- "Infinite Arms" de Band of Horses
- "I see the Sign" de Sam Amidon
- "Forgiveness Rock Record" de Broken Social Scene
- "Volume Two" de She & Him
- "Congratulations" de MGMT
- "The Soft Pack" de The Soft Pack
- "Magic Chairs" de Efterklang
- "Heligoland" de Massive Attack
- "Transference" de Spoon
- "Weathervanes" de Freelance Whales
- "Contra" de Vampire Weekend
- "Gorilla Manor" de Local Natives
- "Broken Bells" de Broken Bells