Keaton Henson - Birthdays

Birthdays is the second album of multi-talented British artist Keaton Henson. At just twenty-four years old, Henson has already attracted attention as a visual artist.

As a musician, his debut album Dear… introduced Henson's astonishing talent to the world.

In Birthdays Henson confuse us all with a collection of deeply emotional tunes on personal confessions of love, despair and loneliness. The album is filled with lyrics that we tend to attribute to mature artists, those that have walked life and have experienced complex and evocative situations. Keaton Henson delivers these messages in an unexpectedly precise way, and the opening track "Teach Me" and "Lying to you" are perhaps among the best songs we will face this year.

Birthdays, is available now on Anti-. I urge you to get it soon.

I leave you with "Teach Me", as it appears in the album and a clip of "Lying to you".




Teach Me

Lyinng to you