The Antlers – Union Transfer Philadelphia

On Sunday September 30, 2012, the Brooklyn based band The Antlers (without a doubt one of my favorites), performed live at the Union Transfer, the beautiful venue on Spring Garden in Philadelphia. This marked their last stop in their long tour in the middle of which they released their new “Undersea” EP, which was fully performed that night along with brilliant versions of tracks from “Burst Apart” and “Hospice”. Personally, that represented my 4th The Antlers concert.

Clearly, all moves along these days. People and things evolve and morph in many sometimes unexpected ways. However, others remain intact…and that’s good too. The Antlers’ approach appears to remain unchanged, focused on melancholic, daring and intense music that is certainly not for everyone. Their rough and deep lyrics combined with the intensity and power delivered in their music, makes them for sure unique. Through these years, I’ve seen them evolve from an opening act to a stellar and completely developed band. Despite this the group led by Peter Silberman remains a collection of young and incredibly talented musicians, performing immaculately every night. Who knows what comes next for The Antlers, but whatever shapes, sounds and directions they want to explore, we will follow.

I leave you with the set-list for the night and a clip from Drift Dive.



The Antlers – Set-list September 30, 2012
Union Transfer – Philadelphia

1 Drift Dive
2 Rolled Together
3 No Widows
4 Endless Ladder
5 Kettering
6 Shiva
7 Silvia
8 Crest
9 Hounds


10 Zelda
11 Putting the Dog to Sleep