A Thing Called Divine Fits by Divine Fits

"Divine Fits" is the name of a unique project involving Britt Daniel (Spoon), Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade/Handsome Furs), Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks) and Alex Fischel. As a band Divine Fits delivers an over-exaggerated pop sound with perfectly crafted keyboard, bass, drums and guitar combinations that along with the raw vocal sound of Daniel and Boeckner sound fresh, new and original.

Their album simply called “A Thing Called Divine Fits” is perfectly engineered to deliver exactly what they want. The message is clear, and the album contains some of the most interesting tracks I've heard lately. The opening track “My Love is Real” grabs you tight for an enjoyable ride that allows you to discover amazing tunes, including “Would That Not Be Nice”, “The Salton Sea”, “Baby Get Worse”, “Civilian Stripes”, “Shivers” and my favorite “For Your Heart”. The band is touring the US as we speak and “A Thing Called Divine Fits” is out at the end of this month (August 28)... I urge you to get it soon...

I leave you with a couple of clips from their recent show in Columbus, OH. and Austin, TX, plus links to NPR Music website and the band’s official site where you can hear the album in its entirety.




Divine Fits Website

First Listen - A Thing Called Divine Fits” - Divine Fits

My Love is Real

Civilian Stripes

The Salton Sea