Stornoway at Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, Dec 4, 2010.

A delight, a great night at Johnny Brenda’s last Saturday Dec 4, when British indie band Stornoway arrived to Philadelphia for the first time as part of their first visit to the US.

The Oxford band played most of their Beachcomber’s Windowsill album, one that certainly will be on my top 10 of the year, going with “I saw you Blink” as their opening tune. The band feels fresh, young but certainly ready, ready to what will come, which according to what I saw last week, will be full of great things. Their sound is contagious and was capable of captivating Philly’s tough crowd, from beginning to end. The band is driven by front man Brian Briggs whose personality develops on stage from a cautious, shy persona behind a deep, deep voice that progressively changes to a charming, funny, radiant leader. Briggs voice along with the band’s great performance makes this a must-see show.

I say Stornoway has without a doubt all the potential needed to become a great band. Their album has certainly captivated some of us this year, but their music and lyrics could certainly take them to the top. Remember this in a year or two when young kids ask you if you have ever heard of a “new” band called Stornoway…when the time comes, just smile.

I leave you with two vids from the actual show in Philly. “Zorbing”, which is what they decided to play before their two encores, “The End of The Movie” and “We are The Battery Human” both of which were played in a charming acoustic mode that highlighted Briggs powerful voice.



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