Anyone Can Play Guitar

"For every band that makes it, there is a band that should have"
The story of Radiohead, Ride, Supergrass, Foals, Swervedriver, Talulah Gosh and the tiny local music scene that spawned them.
Link of the project: http://www.indiegogo.com/Anyone-Can-Play-Guitar

Anyone Can Play Guitar Trailer from video jon on Vimeo.


For thirty years, the Oxford Music Scene has been producing bands of amazing quality and integrity. Some went on to shape genres and change music on a global scale, others never got heard of outside the town. I've lived in Oxford for most of my life and been a part of that scene for a long time - filming gigs, making music videos and realised it was time to get everyone together to tell the story. It's epic, uplifting, sad, honest and handmade. 


This is a story that needs to be told. Not only does it have the cultural significance of (for the first time) uncovering the story of the real people and circumstances without whom the world would never have got Radiohead, Ride, Supergrass or Foals, but it also shows what can be achieved through a community pulling together. It's a unique film and unlike any other music documentary in the sheer scale of the story and intimacy of the production. Although I've been a film-maker for years, this is my first feature film and is a truly independent production. The film is narrated by Stewart Lee. 


We were amazed by the huge support we got from all of our donors and how we hit our initial $15k target within THREE WEEKS! This has paid for a full professional sound mix and to have the picture graded. It looks and sounds stunning now. We've now extended the target to 30k, this will pay for the music and footage clearances. Once this money is raised, the film will be 100% complete and in legal order.

What you get is a copy of the exclusive Donors-only DVD of the film with extras that will be unavailable anywhere else. you get your name listed on the DVD and chances to attend the premiere, special screenings and to be credited as an Executive Producer (getting an imdb.com credit) 


Spread the word! If you could direct people to www.acpgthemovie.com or @acpgthemovie on Twitter, you'd be doing a wonderful thing!

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