Los 10 discos del 2010 (Amarillo)

Siempre es complicado elaborar una lista de solo 10 discos, y en un año increíble para la música como este 2010 la tarea se complica mucho más. Les dejo mi lista personal, y una serie de recomendaciones de discos que no pueden dejar escapar, enjoy....

10... "Maximum Balloon" de Maximum Balloon (Fiction)

Drowned in Sound: "Maximum Balloon really about a great producer/songwriter exhibiting his considerable talents free from the pressure and expectation of his day job."

9... "Swim" de Caribou (Merge)

Drowned in Sound: "His music really is art for the ears, with hues, colours, textures and aural brush strokes dripping with vibrancy and imagination."

8... "Teen Dream" de Beach House (Sub Pop)

Pitchfork: "This is both the most diverse and most listenable of their three full-lengths, and yet it never seems like a compromise. It feels like the product of careful, thoughtful growth, bringing in new influences--bits of mid-1970s Fleetwood Mac, sparkling indie pop, even a few soul and gospel touches--while maintaining the group's core sound."

Beach House - Teen Dream
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7... "Beachcomber's Windowsill" de Stornoway (4AD)

The Times: "There’s no reason Stornoway won’t go on to make even better albums, but they’ll struggle to make one that radiates such guileless charisma."

6... "Odd Blood" de Yeasayer (Secretly Canadian)

Absolute Punk (Staff Reviews): "The album has the feel of a stopping-off point of sorts for a band an evolutionary path, headed toward an even higher level of greatness."

5... "Brothers" de The Black Keys (Nonesuch)

Uncut: "Brothers is really all about The Black Keys; swaggering journey from sub-White Stripes curio to one of the best rock'n'roll bands on the planet."

4... "This is Happening" de LCD Soundsystem (DFA/Virgin)

Pitchfork: "Murphy once again shows off his encyclopedic knowledge of all things post-punk and zip-tight. But he's also swimming up some serious stuff himself, including Eno and David Bowie's sacrosanct Berlin trilogy. And against his own prediction, it's far from horrible; it's actually pretty perfect."

3... "Total Life Forever" de Foals (Sub Pop)

PopMatters: "If this is their The Bends, it remains to be seen whether they can eventually produce another evolutionary leap on the orders of OK Computer and Kid A, but for the first time that kind of greatness doesn't seem out of the question for Foals."

2... "High Violet" de The National (4AD)

Sputnikmusic: "The National should give faith to anyone who has become disillusioned with indie music, anyone who misses a time where it didn't seem like all the musicians thought they were better than you and you could actually relate to the damn words they were singing. High Violet is another batch of cement to further supplement The National's already unshakable concrete career."

1... "The Suburbs" de Arcade Fire (Merge)
BBC Music: " Even on a cursory listen, a water-testing foray into its 16 tracks, it's immediately apparent that this is an album unlike either that came before it."
Q Magazine: "They may well have delivered their masterpiece."
Now Magazine: "It's common for heavily hyped albums to fall flat, but Arcade Fire's long-anticipated third LP hits with the satisfied thud of met potential."
Delusions of Adequacy: "Whatever it is, The Suburbs is nothing short of extraordinary; it's Arcade Fire's moment of clarity where everyone can stop and take notice because in the most frank of terms, this is also nothing short of a masterpiece."
Prefix Magazine: "For all the over-arching themes, The Suburbs is the most rocking Arcade Fire album yet."

Otros discos para recordar: 
- "Big Echo" de The Morning Benders
- "Plastic Beach" de Gorillaz
- "Sky at Night" de I Am Kloot
- "Star of Love" de Crystal Fighters
- "Gemini" de Wild Nothing
- "The Garden" de Bran Van 3000
- "Avi Buffalo" de Avi Buffalo
- "The Fool" de Warpaint
- "All Alone In An Empty House" de Lost in the Trees
- "Lisbon" de The Walkmen
- "Hometowns" de The Rural Alberta Advantage
- "I Speak Because I Can" de Laura Marling
- "Halcyon Digest" de Deerhunter
- "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" de Kanye West
- "Further" de The Chemical Brothers
- "The Drums" de The Drums
- "Año Santo" de Triángulo de Amor Bizarro
- "Infinite Arms" de Band of Horses
- "I see the Sign" de Sam Amidon
- "Forgiveness Rock Record" de Broken Social Scene
- "Volume Two" de She & Him
- "Congratulations" de MGMT
- "The Soft Pack" de The Soft Pack
- "Magic Chairs" de Efterklang
- "Heligoland" de Massive Attack
- "Transference" de Spoon
- "Weathervanes" de Freelance Whales
- "Contra" de Vampire Weekend
- "Gorilla Manor" de Local Natives
- "Broken Bells" de Broken Bells

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