Beach House – Bloom

I have a deep attraction to Beach House’s music… I should say that from the beginning. A disclaimer I am actually proud of…

It is as if their songs diffuse easily into my ears, into my head. They sound familiar, almost as if they have always been there. Every chord follows another just in the right way all embellished delightfully with Victoria Legrand’s voice. 

As opposed to many, I love their albums from the first pass. ”Bloom”, the band’s new album, is certainly not an exception. Here, the Baltimore duo offers a consistent sound that follows very well their beautiful 2010 album “Teen Dream”. Powerful lyrics, a delightful voice, analog keyboard arrangements and amazing guitars from Alex Scally, make this one of the greatest albums so far in 2012.

Beach House lyrics talk about romantic disappointment, innocence, heartbreak and offer a dark coming of age perspective. Legrand’s voice captivates you from the start and drives you exactly to those moments. In “Bloom” however, moments of joy are scattered, which in a way suggest the maturity achieved by the band since their 2006 debut. Compared to previous albums, “Bloom” offers a much cleaner sound without compromising the beauty and epic approach that characterizes the band. The album appears to be perfectly crafted and meant to be listened to from start to finish.

“Bloom” will be released on May 15, right on time for the half-year list of best albums. I believe this one goes to the top part of mine.

I leave you with two vids: “Other People” and “Wild” plus a link to NPR Music where you can listen to the album in its entirety.



Other People


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