The Decemberists on World Cafe - Jan 21 2011

This time it was The Decemberists turn to perform live songs from their recently released album "The King is Dead". An album that has secured one of my top slots for this year.

Early in the week they performed live for the first time their album in its entirety for Oregon Public Bradcasting. You can still check this live performance here.

At World Cafe the band decided to play "Calamity Song", "Down By The Water", "Rise To Me" and "This Is Why We Fight". Below, the link to this show.

The Decemberists - World Cafe



From World Cafe website:

Ditching the prog-folk of their previous two albums, The Decemberists have taken a more cut-and-dried approach with The King Is Dead. Recorded in a barn outside of Portland, the album has strong ties to R.E.M. in sound and production — Peter Buck, guitarist for R.E.M., decided to climb on board for three songs.

"I grew up steeped in that music," Meloy tells World Cafe host David Dye. "I think it was coming through Hazards of Love and playing this music I wasn't steeped in as a kid but rather came to later on. I bounced back and kind of wanted to rediscover the music that I listened to as a kid."

Listen to Meloy and The Decemberists perform live on WXPN and chat with David Dye.

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