The Decemberists - The King is Dead

The new album from The Decemberists can now be listened in its entirety in NPR's All Songs Considered website.

The album sounds definitely different from what we heard before in "The Hazards of Love", depicting the ample range of Colin Meloy's band. This album in fact might represent a new era for The Decemberists, moving slightly from their deep theatrical approach full of British folk influences from previous albums, showing now a lighter, more approachable sound, which by itself makes this a very interesting and worth listening to album.

I anticipate myself listening to The King is Dead over and over throughout 2011. This album might in fact, represent a big hit to my "best of 2011 list", reducing the available spots to 9 very early in the year.

The album will be streaming at NPR's website until its upcoming release in January 18.



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