The Virgins, something to consider at ACL

For those going to AUSTIN CITY LIMITS in search of an unpretentious fun time, I highly recommend showing up at The Virgins show on October 3. They will play at 12:30 pm and it could be a fun way of kicking off a long day...

Their music is certainly intriguing, oddly out of era that makes you believe they are in fact a band from the 80's...anyone that was born in the 70's would understand what I am saying after a couple of tunes from The Virgins...

In any case, I saw this band in Philly last year during their US tour along with The Black Kids, and lately they have been included in the newest Black Cab Sessions series recently started in the streets of New York City...This band, whose members are also from NYC, was created by his frontman Donald Cumming with the sole purpose of playing at friend's parties. Their music reveals exactly that and their self-titled album, which I decided to include in my 2008 favorites, is certainly one that would make you dance and smile...even to those who still remain in the situation described by this band's name...=)

Here a fun video-clip from "Teen Lovers"

Here's a link to their 2008 live show at KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic

And a link to their Black Cab Sessions clip



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