Video - The Antlers in Concert at NPR

There is not much left to add to the beautiful and precise description of the previous post from Amarillo. "Hospice" from The Antlers is without a doubt a masterpiece, one of those rare gems difficult to find and certainly difficult to forget. It would certainly be on my top picks for the year and I truly thank Amarillo for pointing us in this direction.

This album is one of the most heart-breaking and moving set of songs I've ever heard. Its music and lyrics provide exactly the environment chosen by the band, transporting you directly to Peter Silberman's apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he wrote all these songs ovr the course of 2 years as a way to cope with the illness and eventual death of someone he loved.

I do not understand how Silberman is able to deliver these songs live, I would not have the courage and strength needed to make it through the entire concert. But, I guess that is where the lines are drawn and The Antlers do it, and they do it in a beautiful way.

Here is a video from NPR (also brought to my attention by Amarillo) of part of their show on March 11 at the Black Cat in Washington, D.C.


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