Ra Ra Riot - Live at The Trocadero Theatre - Philly Oct 2, 2009

Ra Ra Riot has been an elusive band for me...I had my chance to listen to them at this year's All Points West, but the idea of moving an inch from Fleet Foxes' show was simply non-existent. However, deep inside the hope to see this Syracuse, NY band live has remained there since.

Oddly enough, another chance seems to pass in front of me again. The band will be playing at The Trocadero Theatre this weekend (Oct 2), which to my own disappointment corresponds to my upcoming trip to Mexico City. I should say "no regrets" and I mean it, but the thought of missing a great concert is still hard to swallow. I hope I have a third chance soon.

It is not a secret that I like string sections in a band, and Ra Ra Riot's Alexandra Lawn (cello) and Rebeca Zeller (violin) bring the band's sound to a different level. They are powerful sources that give the extra punch to the refined lyrics coming out from vocalist Wes Miles.

This is by all means a happy and joyful band. One that puts you to dance and reminds you that all is fun, all is cheer, all is good. However, listening to their music, it is hard to imagine that their 2008 full-length debut, The Rhumb Line, follows a terrible tragedy, the loss of their original drummer John Pike in 2007. John was a major contributor to the band and has songwriting credits on half the tracks. All that joy and fervor infused in their songs leaves a bittersweet taste when you know the story, but at the same time, it provides a completely different, more respectful perspective to the band, their music and the well-deserved success most likely awaiting for them in the near future.

Besides, I could stare at that cellist for hours...=)




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