"Give In" by ON AN ON

Life is funny and irony sometimes directs the course of things. For over ten years, 5-membered indie band “Scattered Trees” produced three albums, and pursued several successful and somewhat ambitious U.S. tours. In 2012, life happened and the band broke up.

With time already scheduled in Dave Newfeld’s (Broken Social Scene) Toronto studio, three of the five members decided to step up and put their heart into a ghostly new sound filled with synthesizers, electro beats and loud guitars. The end result is ON AN ON, a trio comprised of Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwing and Give In, their ten-track debut album is a textural journey into an ethereal dream, one that speaks perhaps of their common loss, but above all, it represents more than anything, a new perspective, a clean slate for Eiesland, Ricci and Estwing.

The album is out and was released in January of this year. It is worth it, no doubt about it.

I leave you with their majestic opening track Ghosts.




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