The Secret Will Keep You - Brass Bed

I thought on writing a post on Brass Bed and their upcoming album “The Secret Will Keep You”, though honestly the first paragraph on the band’s description from Off The Air Recordings says it all...

“Listen through the ethereal haze that Brass Bed has created on The Secret Will Keep You, and you will find a soulful band suspended in a moment of frustration and anxiety. It's the sort of frustration that comes from growing old and realizing that the light at the end of the tunnel may just be the remnants of some dying star. You were a kid once. Maybe [your] dad put you on his knee and said "Kiddo, you sure are handsome, smart, and talented. The sky is the limit if you set your mind to it!" Well the truth is, that was kind of bullshit. Chances are, you were only one of those things if any of them at all, and you'll spend your life amid the great unwashed, grasping at whatever straws you can to express a promised individuality that's slowly turning out to be lie. They also didn't tell you that your dream job, your dream girl, your dream you, were really all just that: dreams.

The Secret Will Keep You is a cold awakening from that fever dream sound...”

In other words, the album is great and it is out on April 23rd, 2013 by Crossbill Records and Off The Air Recordings. I leave you with 3 links to tracks of the upcoming album...a great opening track ”Cold Chicory”, plus “A Bullet for You” and “I’ll be there with bells on”.




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