Sharon Van Etten – Union Transfer Philadelphia – June 21, 2012

After a couple of weeks of exile, angry of the injustice and apathy in my country, it is time to move on. Below, a seriously delayed post of a great concert more than a month ago...

Sharon Van Etten played at the Union Transfer on June 21, 2012, sharing a really intimate show focused mostly on her latest album “Tramp” but decorating the playlist with multiple tunes from previous albums like “Epic” and “Home Recordings”. Personally, highlights of the night include for sure beautiful versions of “Give Out”, “We are Fine” “All I Can”, and a loud and strong performance of my favorite “Serpents”.

The Brooklyn-based singer is certainly not a new artist however “Tramp” represents her most successful album so far. Despite her recent success, Sharon Van Etten remains a simple, organic and extremely talented musician with an easy going, joyful and somewhat witty personality. That night, she took time to interact with several family members joining her for the show. In a very intimate moment, she apologized for not being with her dad on father’s day offering to play a song for him. “Did you practice “Tell Me”?” shouted her dad from the crowd…

“Tramp” represents one of the best albums of 2012 and most likely the beginning of a significant and well-deserved amount of attention to Sharon Van Etten music. I am sure we’ll be hearing more from her in the future…

I leave you with a clip from "Kevin’s" as played that night at the Union Transfer, one from "Tell Me", the 2010 song requested by her Dad during the Philly show ans "Serpents" as played in Studio Q in February...





Tell Me


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