Yellow Ostrich – Johnny Brenda’s – April 10, 2012

This is seriously overdue… I apologize.

Two weeks ago Yellow Ostrich, the Brooklyn band led by Alex Schaaf played Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia on April 10, 2012. Not a bad thing to do on a Tuesday night, especially surrounded by part of the MUSICAL SOULMATE crew, who visited the Northeast US for a series of amazing concerts. Yellow Ostrich played most of their new album “Strange Land” along with various tunes from their 2010 debut “The Mistress”.

Very refreshing to see a band in clear evolution, trying to discover with time their sound and identity. And although their equation is still based on multiple layers constructed from ingenious loops from Schaaf, the band appears to be moving to a more complete sound, one that would define them as a band. It is clear that we’ll hear from them again, and for one, I will be waiting.

I leave you with a live version of WHALE, which is also how the band opened their set-list in Philly, plus another recent version of MARATHON RUNNER from their recent album. Here Schaaf cries “I am a marathon runner, and my legs are sore, and I am anxious to see, what I’m running for…”...certainly, a familiar thought.


Finally, a clip with a summary of the night at Johnny Brenda’s, where if you pay close attention you may recognize some of the MUSICAL SOULMATE crew blended in the crowd listening to the band.




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