Fanfarlo – Rooms Filled With Light

This week, Fanfarlo had officially released their song «Deconstruction» as a single track, accompanied by what they refer as its sister piece with the subtle name «Reconstruction». The London-based band, who has had fun playing along with the clip describes it as “a 15-minute meditation on a pop song and what would happen if it just continued straight into a black hole, got torn into pieces and its component parts all re-emerged in a strange corner of the universe, some reconfigured into a bizarre new constellation and some completely transformed into a different beast altogether and then dipped in ink”…pretty imaginative description I would say.

Their new album, in which both «Deconstruction» and the previously released «Replicate» will be featured is planned to be released on February 28, 2012 in the US and a day before in the rest of the world. The band has decided to name this record ROOMS FILLED WITH LIGHT and has also attempted to describe it as “a nuclear submarine falling from space. We can hardly wait for impact”… I certainly add my name to the list of impatient people counting the days for this album.

This record has immense expectations behind following the quality we saw from RESERVOIR in 2009. However, as judged by the two songs released so far, ROOMS FILLED WITH LIGHT might depict a broader range in Fanfarlo’s music, advising us that the band is young, with a great potential to redirect their path and reinvent their approach several times. Certainly an exciting thought.

Fanfarlo will start a short tour in the US in about a week, touching Boston, NYC, Washington and Philadelphia before returning to Europe. In Philly, they will play Johnny Brenda’s on Nov 1, 2011, where I will be extremely happy to listen to them again for the third time.

I leave you with the two clips from «Deconstruction» and «Replicate»…

I also leave you with the satisfaction of knowing that in a year, people will talk about this album, and probably refer to it as a fresh and new discovery…




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