Fleet Foxes at The Electric Factory - Philly

A night to remember, no doubt about it...a concert that in any other time of the year would have been perceived as the highlight of the week or even the month...Fleet Foxes, the band that truly smacked us last year with their tunes that far beyond exceeded what we all were expecting of a so-called "folk" band, going beyond that shaky idea and impressing us with imagery that is purely made out of heavenly sounds, deep words, beautiful lyrics and harmonies that simply sound like coming from heaven...

Those that have seen this band live would agree that the experience is unique... different from most of the things that come and go, those that make us sing and dance for 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 months and finally vanish from us, just like that, leaving our identity almost intact. In contrast, Fleet Foxes have made beautiful music that will weather any storm and will persist beyond our expectations.

They came to Philadelphia last Thursday July 31, one day after two sold-out shows at the 9:30 club in DC and one night prior to their appearance at the All Points West Festival. The venue, the Electric Factory, which lately has included remarkable bands being without a doubt a prime place for new music. The place was packed and everyone seems anxious and impatient with the opening band, a local band from Philly that did not seem to transcend beyond their role as an obstacle for everyone to get to the main course.

My experience was unforgettable, the right place on a beautiful night with the right company...

I should say, I went to bed that night confused, ironically confused...I was supposed to be eagerly expecting the following day, driving to Jersey City for the All Points West, however...after listening to the Fleet Foxes, I appeared to be musically satisfied...I was only partially correct...


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