All Points West Festival 2009

Sorry for the late update on this...too much going on right now.

Last week on July 31, 2009 I had the chance to attend the 2009 All Points West Festival, this was the second time this festival was organized and also my second time around. Many expectations revolved around this due to a dream team line-up for Friday night, but at the same time reservations on whether this year would hold up to the extremely amazing show that Radiohead put for us in 2008.

I was there for Friday only and my plan was clear, stick to the Blue Comet arena, arrive early to see Fleet Foxes at 3:35...and simply remain there...at 4:50 pm The National would show up, followed by Vampire Weekend at 6:10 and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at 7:30 pm.

Looking back, that is exactly what we did, but along with me, my wife and thousands of people around, along came the rain... Oh yes, it rained, a lot, it poured and the grass of Liberty State Park slowly turned into mud. With time, water started to collect all over, there was no place to hide, no dry place to move to...

I guess that was when it hit me, and suddenly it was clear...nobody went home, no one complained about it, everyone remained along and watched these amazing bands putting great performances..it was as if the rain brought a special character to the evening...at some point, images of Glastonbury and Woodstock mumbled around, passing through our eyes...the artists did their part and played along, showing that music and youth and fun would defeat any storm...

Not sure what is the plan for the 2010 All Points West Festival. No idea who will perform or when it is going to take place...one thing I know for sure...I'll be there.


Some great moments:

Blue Ridge Mountain - Fleet Foxes

Mr. November - The National

A-Punk - Vampire Weekend

Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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