The Felice Brothers…Live at The Trocadero in Philadelphia

Any band that sings about putting more whiskey in their whiskey is guaranteed to be a good time live...that's how I see it.

The Felice Brothers came back to Philadelphia last Thursday (April 16) after several sold out shows last year and of course their headlining spot on The Philadelphia Folk Festival last summer. This band is doing quite well for themselves in Philly and this time The Trocadero Theater was the chosen venue.

Rarely you'll stumble into a group of very talented guys with a wide range of choices. They go from pure Dylan-ish sounds to rough edgy country tunes in which sometimes they appear to have more fun than the audience itself. This is a gang of hard-living, bourbon-soaked degenerates who at times play like angels (or at least real musicians), including songs about love, booze, guns and heartbreak. Their live performance can go from breathtaking to annoying, always very sloppy, but at all times having a lot of attitude to spare. Huge improvements in their sound could be done by simple instrument shuffling on stage, but then again that would be tiding things up, something unimportant to these guys.

You may or may not like Americana, but if you are willing to give it a shot, this is the band to look for...their self-titled debut album and the new "Yonder is the clock" are both great places to start...

Could not find nice vids at youtube from the Philly concert, so I add a couple from other live performances...


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