Optica by Shout Out Louds

Hard to describe when something just sounds familiar. When music tells you way more and the lyrics and chords bring you to a known place.

This is often what happens to me with the music from the Swedish band Shout Out Louds.

Without fear of dating myself, their over-worked, artificial, sweet sweet 1980s dominated sound brings me back...back to a place where dance floors and walkman dominated the scene, where music production was non existent and originality was not part of the vocabulary. Somehow, though, I found myself addicted to their music, and their fourth album Optica is not the exception.

For someone that claims to continuously seek for new trends in music, it is hard to say that Shout Out Louds bring something new to the table. Though perhaps that is the point, and the nostalgia of times well gone makes it just OK.

The album is out today...and I would not be surprised if it also is available on cassette tape.

Leave you with 14th of July, Walking in Your Footsteps, plus a link to NPR where you can listen to the album in its entirety




NPR's First Listen - Optica - Shout Out Louds

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