Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich comes to us from a very familiar story. A native of Wisconsin, Alex Schaaf, who moves away from home, and after living a couple of months in Manhattan establishes an alternative rock band in Brooklyn, where musically things without a doubt are simply different.

The band’s approach to music is certainly unique... Referring to “Whale” the major single from his 2011 album “The Mistress” NPR Music say “Seemingly nonsensical at times, "WHALE" hits harder in spirit than in substance. But it finds a sweet spot along the way, finding a strange patch of common ground between primitivism and production-driven pop.”

“The Mistress” has caught a lot of attention. It was claimed that NPR Music booked an in-studio session based on one or two unreleased demos from the band, without being completely sure about what Yellow Ostrich was about. The thing is that it only takes a few songs to realize that this band is for real. Their alternative, loopy, fun and very vocal approach make “The Mistress” a great album. Along with “Whale”, songs like “hahahaohhoho”, “Mary”, “Campaign” and “Bread” blend together well and clearly show their enormous potential.

Recently, the band has supported a few of our favorites: The Antlers, Beirut and Sharon Van Etten had all benefited from a strong opening act from Yellow Ostrich. But in the end, as it always happens when talent is there, time pays back and the band seems ready to take off. They will be releasing a new album entitled "Strange Land" in March, which also comes with a complete US tour, including some of the most important spots in the US.

The band will play Philadelphia on April 10, 2012 at the epic Johnny Brenda’s. Luckily, part of the MUSICAL SOULMATE crew will be around that week for PULP’s concert in NYC. Although I am sure PULP’s catchy pop is a guarantee for a fun night, I suspect Yellow Ostrich’s gig in Philly will leave a much fresher taste, that of a band moving forward, heading towards great times.

I leave you with three magnificent songs from their appearance last year at KEXP in Seattle and a link to their presentation at NPR over a year ago.







Yellow Ostrich Session in NPR -KEXP

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