Delay Trees, a band and album we missed in 2011.

The beginning of a year brings hope and excitement for new music. Here at MUSICAL SOULMATE, we move fast and we try to bring your attention to new things, ranging from emerging and new artists to new material from some of our favorites. January however is always the month of disappointment, especially when we stumble into music that we totally missed for the past 12 months…at the same time though, January represents an opportunity to go back and rephrase the year that passed or at least to try to catch up with the inherently fast pace of music.

Last year, The Delay Trees released their self-titled album in the US. We totally missed it…The band from the southern part of Finland (Helsinki and Hammenlina) offers a delightful orchestral pop sound, similar to what we have heard recently from other European bands that have move to the top of our lists. Some of the tracks in the album remind us of Stornoway and Fanfarlo. The Delay Trees, however, add enchanting arrangements that expand their 80’s pop approach even beyond what we've heard from other Nordic bands like Shout Out Louds.

The album contains 10-tracks and opens with “Gold”, an epic and elegant ballad that proves the potential of the Finnish quartet led by Rami Vierula. To this, songs like “Cassette 2012”, “Tarantula/Holding on” and “Pattern” join to create a beautiful, solid album that WE SHOULD NOT HAVE MISSED.

The band released another 5-track EP entitled “Before I Go Go”, which in fact can be downloaded for free at The Delay Trees website.

I leave you with “Gold” and “Cassette 2012”, the first two tracks of their self-titled album plus “Tarantula/Holding on” track 8.




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