High Violet Streaming - This Friday April 23rd on New York Times web site

The excitement and expectation of a new album, along with the sometimes uncontrollable need to listen to what is in the works by our favorite artists, make us move in directions that sometimes fall apart from those that actually help our favorite bands.

The National has shown a concern for a low quality leak of their new album, High Violet, spreading across the Internet, Their concern, I am sure does not come from the lost profit from potential sales of their CD, since I am sure this is not their prime source of income. In my opinion, the band is truly concerned about the opportunity to display their work at the level of quality it was intended for. Their option at this moment is to offer a live stream of their album at full quality in the New York Times on Friday April 23rd.

As a token of my respect to the band, in this case my own favorite, I will wait for May 10th/11th to purchase High Violet as offered by 4AD worldwide.

I certainly invite you to do the same.


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