Arcade Fire - Coming back even before Oxegen

Exciting news those we got yesterday on Arcade Fire's reappearance at Ireland's Oxegen Festival on July 9 in what appeared (at least for a day) as the band's first show in 2 years...Now, things have changed and it seems that the Montreal band is setting up a full European tour, as judged by their recent announcement that confirms them as the headliner in Hove Festival in Arendal, Norway. This seems to be a week before the Ireland's show, making this (at least for today) their comeback show for a while.

Personally, I have some questions and doubts of what they are planning to offer as new and original, which better be good, really good...especially after that long, long retreat that the band decided to go into prior to this tour and potentially new album. I am still in, but remain curious.


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