The Antlers at The Trocadero - Philly Feb 20, 2010

So, I finally got my mac back from the hospital...or at least it felt like that.

A little late, but I should not let pass the opportunity to describe the incredible show that The Antlers put at the Trocadero last week. The band delivered several songs from their masterpiece "Hospice", some with a slightly different tempo but keeping at all times the heart-breaking message that the band wants to convey.

Frontman Peter Silberman delivers every song with courage though evidently showing the struggle to navigate through the show, almost as if some songs would hurt more than others. Their sound is powerful and sometimes hard to believe it all comes from only 3 guys. Michael Lerner really pounds on the drums, while Darby Cicci makes a huge contribution to the band on both keyboards and a bass pedal set, enhancing greatly their live performance.

What follows for The Antlers is a true ride. They have alternating US and European tours and are scheduled to open several shows for The National in the northeast, including Boston, Philadelphia (got tickets), Toronto and NYC. Another great opportunity to listen to these guys that in the end are enjoying the ride as much as we are. According to Darby Cicci, with whom I had a chance to talk to at the end of the show, this could be a great chance for them to reach the level of attention they certainly deserve.


As a bonus, here is a vid, pre-Hospice..The Universe is going to catch you

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